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Finished projects made in Animal


Atlas Golden Light Beer ad. Shot in Panama 2019.

Samsung Latin Campaign. Shot in Panama 2019

Documentary result of the multidisciplinary 2 day event "FLASH LAB of Art and Science 2019" organized by Estudio nuboso. Panama 2019

Life Changing expedition made by Geoversity Field Xpedition and the Guna Yala Youth. Panamá, February 2019

Trailer and video cover for Micro Brew Fest 2019 Shot in Panama, Ciudad del Saber.


Every day hundreds of children of the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé in Panama, walk long distances to reach their schools affirming with each step their unwavering desire to excel

Documentary about the Chinese Community in Panama and their input on Panamanian culture.

Ad for the brand new hand made potato chips from Pascual

Promotional video for the KnightsBridge Schools International. Shoot in Panama 2017

Music video to promote the all inclusive resort "Playa Blanca" and their new Town Center. Fest 2018. Shoot in Panama 2017

Marlyn Attie proposes this contemporary art piece "Crush" resulted from the joint collaboration between multidisciplinary interpreters to capture and represent the impulse proper to aspiration.

Arte Nomada is an event that seeks to create an environment where the talent that springs up within Panama can be exhibited to bring together a community of minds and eyes open to beauty and the importance of local culture.

Urban Canvas, is a project that seeks to sensitize communities and impact society through the realization of large-scale paintings. Which will have a context of identity, social, cultural, art, among others.


"The homesick Traveler", is a personal experience from Christian Bradford.

Serie of documentaries for multidisciplinary residence "LAB of Art and Science 2017"

Web series for the nuew Hilux2018. Shooted in Panama 2018

Music video to promote  the band Mecanik Informal in the music festival Golden Fest 2018. Shoot in Panama City 2017

Short Film for the exhibit "CIRCULAR" at the contemporary Art Museum of Panama. Shoot in Panama 2017

Music video for the single "Pequeño" from the band "Los Guayas". Shooted in La Mesa de Veraguas 2017


Ad made for the store "Casa De Materiales" 

Coverage of AP Concert in Teatro Amador.

Series of videos as part of the AMSTEL LIGHT beer launch campaign in Panama.

Promotional video for the musical "Panama The Musical"  Produced in December 2017

For the drawing of the elimination groups in the Russia 2018 World Cup, McDonald's in support of the Panamanian football team decides to take all the visitors of the 50th Street branch to the European country.

In its 2018 edition, the Panama Jazz Festival reinvents itself with a colorful and tropical concept that commissioned an animated spot for TV.

Project winner of Panama TVN Documentary. Luciamor is a documentary short film that takes us to discover how the "mola" was born from the dreams of the Dule artisans

The high school education in the poorest community of Panama. Forum Academy

Video for the Atlas Light Golden Festival launch. 

Filmed in Panama City Septembrer 2017

run through video of the stereographic effect created by the camara NIMSLO.

Ad for the well known Chinese food restaurant Don Lee

Video for the popular blogger Mauricio Herrerabarria about the history of the lgbtqi movement

Fashion film made for the boutique Garbo by Greta

Art film made for the exposition "Maxima Minima"

Music video. Live Session with Luci and the Soul Brokers


Live musicalization of the surrealist short film

+Making of event

Animated short film. Adptation of Rogelio Sinán short story

Documentary about two different communities that share a very similar problem, Alteridad+ is the condition to be another

Fashion film featuring Mimi Vambas


Fashion Film. Based in a high fashion collection from Panama darlin designer Tony Vergara

Film production service for a fashion film in co-producction with Too Much Productions.

Animated Ad for Panama Jazz Fest 2017  

Ad for Colombia feminist festival "Ni con el Petalo de una Rosa" 

Documentary for the ENLACES foundation

Coverage of the event OktoberFest. Celebrated in Panama 2016

Documentary in Co-producción with AROC Panama.

Documentary about El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center.

Coverage of the Panama BudweiserTour 2017 in Panama City.

Ad for the Toyota brand and their allies in Panama.

Coverage of the manifestation in favor of 61 SexEd Law

Campaign celebrating Panama's Toyota partners Ricardo Perez S.A in their 60 year anniversary.

Experimental project produced through the collaboration in the first Laboratorio Arte y Ciencia of Panama.

The clinics of the Panama Jazz Festival are essential for the development of Latin American musicians.


In dramaHOME, 7 women, 7 housewives from Bogota, 7 former professionals, dialogue with the outside hidden in their own homes. 

The festival "Ni con el pétalo de una rosa" is a project that seeks to eradicate violence against women in Colombia.

Promotional short film from crowdfunding to edit and translate the second edition of the Almanaque Azul

This video portrays the unexpected visit to Panama of Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

TV Spot for Panama Fashion Week 2015

Cabanga is the first chapter of the project "Panama en el corazón" by Panamanian singer-songwriter Patricia Vlieg.

A young spy meets an old lover during his last mission

Veronica Fox relives dark memories of her childhood after receiving a strange package.

Animation organized to promote the new program of Panama City Town Hall "the Culture Points".


An exploratory project by Martín Proaño
Shot @MoMA in December 26, 2015.

Promotional video for the show "Romeo y Julieta"

Promotional video for the International School of Panama and the inauguration of their art oriented facilities


Official music video for the Panamanian singer Carlos Méndez during his trip to Spain. Filmed in Spain and Panama.

Our only free hours in Bogota. Camila took us to know the Macarena and La Juguetería.

Videoarte/reportaje - 7 piezas

Bogotá, Colombia

Music video made for the National Holidays in Panamá.

Agua Limpia, Transforma Vidas is the campaign launched by Pro Niños de Darién to continue implementing harvesting, storage and water filtration projects for schools in this province of Panama.

The Calicanto Foundation's Enlaces program supports children from the neighborhoods of San Felipe and Chorrillo by developing their skills in performing arts. 

 Teatro Amador launches a documentary video dedicated to compiling the different currents that have been shaping its first year of functions.

Collective music that is born of the sonorous experimentation between the legendary accordionist, singer and composer Panamanian Osvaldo Ayala next to the musical producer Billy Herron.

Omar is an old man going through a crisis of faith.

A tribute to the bassist, arranger and composer Alaín Pérez directed by the Chilean musician Gerson Lazo.

Tony is a young journalist who has the good and bad fortune to share his life with the ghost of his uncle


The seminar on color capture on set of the Universidad del Cine was a 3-day event held in October 2013 in collaboration with Assimilate, Sony-Viditec, Cinecolor Argentina and ADF.

Sneak peak for the Kickstarter campaign of Lord Loop's fourth album, "Vikorg".

Minita is the story of a young spy living in Buenos Aires. 

Promotional video for the Panamenian travelling guide "Almanaque Azul".

An Electronic Press Kit seeks to show in small format the artist's musical career.


Over 10 days, 1000 artists from 100 nationalities gathered during the WEYA Cultural Olympiad in Nottingham, England

He had nice legs, long eyelashes, and one eye slightly lower than the other.

After an uncontrolled night, a very compromising rumor about Carlos Arango took heat.

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